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Information Architecture (IA) — 2017

Regione Toscana

This was a huge project in very less time, coordinated and articulated by many companies and professionals. The result is a choral work where I was involved for the central role on the Information Architecture and to collaborate and coordinate the AD on UX and UI with a specific attention on best practices and normatives conformity.
The project was for invitation to tender on the design and management service of the institutional sites for Tuscany Region (Council and Regional Department, Agencies and Employment Offices, Tuscan Health Care services and local entities in regional territory).
We have produced a modular template, articulated on a matrix that was used to define a hierarchy and a different level of complexity, starting from the contents and activities to organize and redefine the connections and interactions of these sites and their many criterias, in Human Centred Design way. Consequently, we have defined 4 specific templates to allow the different Region entities to manage, customize and fill their proper site.

Regione Toscana

Regional department of Tuscany principal site

Open Toscana

Regional portal of services for Tuscany‘s department

Rete Telematica Regionale Toscana

Regional portal of telematic services for Tuscany‘s department 

Toscana Notizie

Regional newspaper for editorial Tuscany‘s department

Agricoltura Sociale

Thematic blog of agriculture and environment in Tuscany


The geographic information blog of Tuscany

Ufficio relazioni con il pubblico

Regional portal of the public relations office of Tuscany department