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Event Identity — 2017

Premio Louise Braille 2017

This prizegiving is the annual celebration of the UICI (Italian Union of Blind and visually Impaired people) for the best practices on the visual diversity made in the past year and to promote the next for the future. The event for the 2017 edition was celebrated in Rome at the prestigious theatre Brancaccio and was broadcast on tv RAI 1 Channel, the first and more important channel of Italian public television. Many artists partecipated and gave their personal contribute to made a great show. 
The concept and illustration I created for this edition, following the client's must requests, was on the “guess who” game that anyone knows as one particular moment when someone to play with us put their hands on our eyes and ask to discover who is. This particular and happy state of limited visibility that push us to reflect on ourselves and others, using the touch to see, rediscovering the universe around us, perfectly represent the spirit and the theme of the event.
Developing socials ADV and various paper presentations, the constellations on the blu arm in the illustration, had become

another occasion to connect the Braille font, made by an alphabetic dots grid, with the common letters by using

constellation connections and dots like stars.