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ADV and artworks — 2017


NUL is an indipendent crew that create, since many years, underground parties in Milan city, especially at Killer Plastic every friday night but also for artistic performances, dj sets, new realities and places, and for main happenings of “Milano design week” and “Milano fashion week”.

They requested M&MIF collective to create the poster for the productions of the year 2016/2017 of NUL at KP. The commissioned subject of the poster was Keith Hering, that have animated and redefined the Killer Plastic club for years with other personalities like Andy Warhol, Madonna, Grace Jones and the jet-set of the decades of 80s-90s. Hering collabored with KP in the production of flyers, posters and much more for the club, as now was asked to M&MIF, so it was an incredible honour. NUL gave us a lot of inspiring pictures and materials of the club to work on it, so we worked with them on a double poster elaborated on the idea of serigrafic filter, cheap collage and simbolic reproductions of pieces of the artist. The poster puts in continuity Pop art nostalgy and naïve approach with the tropical fever NUL gives to the night club.

On the entusiasm of this collaboration, NUL decided to work togheter again on many events and djsets with guest djs from all over the world. The gifs for social guerrilla ADV created for that special events was free for subject and limits, so we worked on lo-fi doodle subjects inspired on the selfpubblishing low budget aesthetic and method.