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Brand ID — 2019


The Jain Firenze is a business founded since 20 years in Florence (Italy), by mister Pankaj Jain, whose family works with preciuos stones and jewerly by generations. It’s usual for many Jainist as them to work in that field because they are a not violent population of India, historically knew as the first vegetarians of the world, very socially estimated. So for the new opening of the boutique in via San Gallo in Florence, to celebrate this meltinpot of florentine and indian cultures, he decided to make a total rebranding.


Jainist cult is based on the "Jina" mith, their prophet, who’s name meaning “the winner”.
Likewise Gina (or Gino for male) is a tipical famale common name in Italy and in Florence: the phonetical pronunce is exactly "Jina". 
This short and rememberable name make easy to people to get it and to identificate this new subject as positive and friendly, but particular and esotic at the same time.
The shop offer a large wade of products, so to try to guide the clients inside this sort of wunderkammer, the name became an acronimous used as payoff “Jewelry, Interior Design, Not ordinary Fashion, Artisanal Craft”, and this approch was extended on the color’s palette to help distinguish and suggest the type of every article.
The theme of the wunderkammer, as a non linear but ordered collection, became the evolution of a grid that contain the logo and the others informations, giving many occasion to play with it and let immagination free to combain different extravagantia inspirations, exalting the fascinating core of the business.