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Brand Identity — 2017


Hisensi is a new IoT reality that develops full services hardware and software solutions. Hisensi opening hits production with their first IoT medical device: a plaster that can recognize and analize several life signs as heartbeat, pressure and respiration rate. 
The proposed idea for the brand identity starts on the particular design of this object and on the reflection of the natural need of humans to find a face in everything. To represent these smart objects was chosen a stylized smile to emphasize the friendly and inteligent new subject we can now relate with, in a understandable and clear

way to everybody: a simple smile. Many people have fear of this little robots, and in medical field, more than in any other, the sensible approach is a must, think about clown-therapy and pet-therapy, so the smile theme is a big match for this representation in many ways. 
The project is actually work in progress.