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Access management system's design — 2017

G7 Italia

Cardea is a company that provides access accreditation system. Cardea asked me to develop the design of access management system for G7 Italia 2017, the international-government political forum with participation from the world′s major highly industrialized economies in countries that viewed themselves as democracies. In 2017 the state holder was Italy, the event take the name from the Sicilian city of Taormina where it all started. After the first event in Taormina, G7 was distributed in different forums in many cities of Italy, every one with a specific theme to approach. 
Starting with the logo and color palette of the event (not mine), I designed and developed the application of these elements on a complete corporate image, trying to take Taormina’s characteristics and the logo representation as visual code to define the events and connect them.