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PA — 2013

Department desk applications system

The project was a complete redesign and the creation of web-desktop platforms for Public Administration on funds distribution to programs dedicated to workers, citizens and industries.
Hoping and suggesting to push the project on a more responsive performance for many devices, in addition to the current request only for desktop screens, I developed it on the idea to don't make every time a different grid and semantic distribution of the UI for every platform, considering from the base of the project the possible future evolutions, expansions and declinations to obtain a customizable template always valid and recognizable for the users.
For Human Centred Design method and principles of Design for all, was furthermore proposed in the project to implement a special panel “alta leggibilità” (high readability) to allow users customize some aspects like color, contrast and font dimensions of the site. 
Actually not all those aspects were implemented but the project was used for several department platforms for Regione Lazio, Regione Sicilia and others of Italy.