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Brand ID — 2018

Affetti Da

This project won a “Finalist mention” in “Logo Against Alzheimer’s” a contest for Affetti Da, an italian association that gives assistance to the families of patients with alzheimer. 
The jury that selected my work was composed by:
Milo Manara, Milton Glaser, Federico Babina, Margherita Urbani, Pietro Corraini, Mario Trimarchi (AIAP) and Roberta Pantieri (Affetti Da). 

Everybody knows that elephants have one of the biggest memory in Nature.
This is a common idea showing humans collective memory is not only the sum of every single one, but also a sharing system that define us and allow to interact eachother.

This is the concept of the logo, designed with letters “A” and “D” of “Affetti da”, union of two different fonts: one bold, structured and big, like the matters about “da” in the end of the name, and the other one sweet, imaginative and dynamic, like care in the double meaning of “affetti”. The letters together are the face and the ear of an elephant, yellow and black as shadow and light. Alzheimer do gaps that we have to fill, with research, patience and creativity sometimes, inventing new ways to deal everything as it was the first look ever.

The logo design can generate new opportunities playing with letters and icons, representing our life elements to restore sense and values against Alzheimer: on a mug with termic ink, as in advertising or into the Association infographics, connecting much more memories.